Alien double vision beer label

I am officially announcing that I will be appearing at Baltimore Comic-con this coming weekend! I will be in artist alley sharing a table with Dawn Griffin of Zorphbert and Fred fame. We will be at table A94 doing sketches and handing out comic related stuff. Dawn has promised candy, but I promise no such thing. I may (shipping gods willing) have copies of my new print comic Bullfinch #3: Godsmach 1462!

This issue prints every comic from when KC and Captain Stubing were transported back in time at the end of my last collection. Using the time platform to escape their first confrontation with Oscar and 42, KC and Stubing were sent back to 15th century Europe.  You can check my archives on this site to see the story.  It will be a whopping 36 pages long and in full color.  I’m going to wait until I have them in hand to set up pricing and online orders, so we’ll find out either later this week or on Monday.

Looking forward to a great show! I’ll be doing full color and black and White sketches for fifteen dollars and under, so if you’re in town stop by!

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