AIDSwalk/run with an extra Bullfinch!

Sunday was the annual AIDSwalk/run here in central New York, which took place at the Beaver Lake Nature center in Baldwinsville. Participants can either walk the trails or run a 10k race as we celebrate our efforts to raise money for a good cause.

This year I was asked to do an appearance featuring my web-comic and do sketches for kids. I was a little taken aback by the offer, but honored, and I accepted immediately! We had a great time at the event and I was able to hand out a lot of sketches of superheroes and prints of Bullfinch comics. We only had 2 hours before the walk/run so the time went by ultra fast and I had to squeeze in some time for stretching, too.

Last year I attended and walked with the majority of people but secretly I wanted to run. So this year I trained a little harder and signed up for the 10k run. It was a blast, I’ve never run in an actual race before and I really enjoyed the competition as well as the crowd cheering (which I never experience running in the dark at 10pm around my house). I placed 43rd out of 150 or so runners, a little disappointing but I was happy with completing the race (and passing a number of younger competitors!).

Overall my team and I raised about 1,000 dollars (not bad for 6 adults and a 10 year old) and the overall take for the charity was over $187,000. Great weather, free food and drinks for the crowd and the runners, and all for a good cause. WIN

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