Philadelphia Comic-con recap!

Friday and Saturday I attended the Philadelphia comic-con with the guys from Th3rdworld studios and Shocker Toys. Despite the show being a tad smaller (DC and Marvel went to Hero-Con in Carolina) than usual we still had some good traffic, especially on a rainy Saturday.

I drove down from Syracuse with the world famous comic book writer, and Th3rdworld tent pole, Mike Raicht. Anyone who follows my Twitter feed knows how difficult that can be at times (an Ipod with Asia, and the Kiss disco album?! Really?!). We met up with the CEO of Th3rdworld, Mike Devito, in Philly and set up early on Friday. We shared booth space with the guys from Shocker Toys who are a lot of fun to hang with. I had the print version of Bullfinch on hand as well as the offerings from Th3rdworld, especially the newest volume of Superfogeys featuring the (now fake) death of Doctor Rocket. Most of my days were spent doing sketches and selling people on our various offerings, like The Stuff of Legend which is available next month from Raicht and the fantastic artist Charles Paul Wilson III who was with us on Saturday, as well as his actual pages from the book. His pencils are some of the most fantastic I’ve seen in person and his full color covers up close are unbelievable!

Dawn from the wonderful comic Zorphbert and Fred met me at the con as well. We both grilled Brad Guigar from Evil Inc. about web-comics and printing information. He’s a great guy to talk to about those things, he’s always very open about discussing those things. Unless he’s the greatest actor I’ve ever met.

Friday night after the con was filled with the usual odd moments. A 40 of Coors light, Lou Ferrigno, random stealth bottle attack shattering on the lobby floor, Settlers of Catan, Orioles vs. the Phillies, a band called Saga; you know, the usual crap.

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