The evolution of my squirrel cat character Oscar

Most comics, be they web based or otherwise, have a cat in them. It’s an easy character for people to identify with whether they currently live with a pet cat or have fond memories of a cat from their childhood. Cartoon cats are some of the most popular icons of American entertainment. In fact there are more than a few cartoon cats with some of the same personality quirks as Bullfinch’s own Oscar, whether it’s being mean or abrasive or even megalomaniacal. But few take it to quite the extremes as Oscar. Much like his frequent oddball drug abuse, you know mixing live pixies and catnip and such, he doesn’t seem to know when to quit. We’ve seen him go from petty drug pusher to squirrel horde usurper to flat out super-villian in two years. That’s some serious evolution.

Oscar’s visual character development has undergone a similiar evolution as well. As Bullfinch progressed from a four panel black and white comic strip to full color half page comic pages I’ve had to add color and shading and form to my characters. Oscar is one of my characters who makes regular story line appearances but doesn’t appear in every strip. His look is tweaked every few months or so as my art style improves. KC on the other hand changes subtly every day making his appearance changes harder to pin down.

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