The Yeti story yet to revealed…yet

After being hit in the face by a Yeti wielding a tree, and humiliated by an Incredi-Yeti.  You just grab a beer and some nachos and watch reality TV.   This Dragon sketch was in my sketchbook and I wound up working it into a full color image.  The inks were all done by hand and not by my wacom but I did paint the colors in digitally with the tablet.  This would seem like a good time to put up a step by step coloring process from my photoshop files but alas not tonight.

I’m currently in Virginia hunting for used cars.  A fairly large and time consuming undertaking that I do not take lightly.  The process is fraught with anxiety and research and, of course, acting.  I must pretend that I know a lot more about cars than I really do to fool potential sellers.  Be they individuals or dealerships, most folk are out to screw you over either by small or large amounts.  These days your greatest weapons are found on the internet, with Kelly Blue Book and Carfax, and to a lesser extent, online reviews.  Armed with these tools and a faux confidence ( and my Dickies jacket which lends an air of car mechanic) I wade deep into the uncertain world of hidden car repairs and bad brakes.

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