Bullfinch comic for sale!

The first ever print version of Bullfinch is now available via the Th3rdworld studios web store! The Bullfinch comic is a collection of most of my favorite strips and stories created so far. It is 28 pages and is black and white interior with a full color cover. The book will be 5$ and a special artist edition will be priced at 10$ and will include a sketch card done by me. The sketch cards will be original artwork and not prints. Faaaaaaantastic!

In case you didn’t see the write up in Superfogeys this week over at, I was recently interviewed over at the villian’s corner which is a great podcast about web-comics and the creator of web-comics. Great guys to talk to about the origin of Bullfinch and how I began the art gig over at Superfogeys! We also talked shop about Micron pens and the pros and cons of working manually versus digitally and other ins and outs of the creative side of comics. It wound up being a lot of fun! Zorphbert and Fred. I also met my new blog friend Casey Conan of Bargeek and another fellow cartoonist Chuck from Surviving Retail. It was a lot of fun to bat around comic ideas and exchange some sketches between rounds of strange New England beers and various foodstuffs.

Dawn was nice enough to lug around her laptop tablet so I could try out drawing digitally which was really scary and exciting and surprisingly fun. Also notable was finally meeting my partner in web comics, Carlisle, who drove an amazing distance to attend the event. Nice job, Pard!


Creatures Vol 1 for sale!

I will be in Baltimore for the comic-con at the Th3rdworld booth. We will be pushing the new Creature Feature v.1 as well as the Space Doubles graphic novel. I will also be bringing promotional material for Bullfinch, and maybe getting that Green Lantern T-shirt I’ve always wanted. Everyone has a superman or batman symbol somewhere but GL stamps nerd cred. right on you!

This September I have cartoon work in the new Creature Feature from Th3rdworld Comics. The book contains 3.5 stories presented by Mike Raicht (drawn by me) put together by various writers and artists in the comics community. Feel free to head down to your local comic book store and pre-order if your interested. The book looks great and there are some nice reviews online. Just google Creature Feature or hit the Th3rdworld link on the right side of this page.

The price will be at $7 per book and $15 for the artist version with a special surprise inside... You know that I would love to tell you what the surprise is, however it wouldn't be a surprise anymore if I did!

If you want to support me and my fellow artist friends, you can buy a book or two and offer one to a friend. You can also shill it to the people you know or even tell them about this website so that we can grow the community on this place.